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Ukraine War: Is India capable of feeding the entire world?

1.Ukraine War Is India capable of feeding the entire world

The world is facing a food disaster. The commodity price in the international market was already gone 10 years high before the Russia-Ukraine crisis. It continued to jump after the war and till its highest science in 1990, said the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO) food-price index.

Russia and Ukraine are the main food suppliers in the world, mainly in Europe. They supply one-third of the annual wheat sale worldwide. They also export 55% of sunflower oil and 15% of maize and barley.

The Russia-Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia disrupted the food supply chain.

Mr. Modi, Prime minister of India said to US President Joe Biden that India has sufficient food for its people and it was ready to supply food stock to the world if the World Trade Organization (WTO) permitted it.

India is the second-largest producer of wheat and rice in the world. It is already supplying rice to 150 countries and wheat to 68 countries in the world.


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