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When you trust your effort, you will be surprised to see how great your journey may be. Shilpa Mittal, the CEO of Ulatus, was similarly astounded by how fascinating her career path had turned out to be. She had always been interested by the concept of becoming an entrepreneur, but she wasn’t sure which path or direction she should take. Shilpa was driven by a strong desire to succeed in all she did, which paved her route into the language solutions sector and provided her with the well-deserved success she craved. Ulatus is now a market leader in professional language solutions.

The Obstructions

Every startup has problems, and these challenges teach valuable lessons that contribute to the success of any developing company. Ulatus, too, encountered a few stumbling obstacles that only served to strengthen them. The most difficult obstacle to overcome was finding the appropriate individuals with the correct mentality. Because language translation is not a well-established industry in India, obtaining ready-made resources proved challenging. They had to hire untrained people and teach them what they knew about the sector from the ground up.

Another drawback was that the industry know-how, processes, and success formula were initially unclear, as successful language enterprises in India were a brand new concept at the time. As a result, garnering recognition and convincing individuals of the relevance of linguistic solutions was a challenge. Shilpa was adamant on succeeding at whatever work she took on, no matter how difficult it was. So it was all about finding things out on your own and progressing by learning from your failures. She kept going strong with this upbeat attitude, gradually overcoming each obstacle with the proper solutions.


Ulatus is a language solutions company that offers services in more than 50 languages. They go above and beyond translation to localise a brand’s message so that it can be understood in the target markets. Life science localization, book translation, game localization, e-learning material, software localization, website and marketing localization are just a few of the services they offer. Ulatus also covers nearly every industry, including medical and pharmaceuticals, IT services, real estate, and so on. However, in one sentence, here’s what they have to offer: “the ability to reach audiences anywhere in the world in the language they understand.”

Ulatus is one of India’s most well-known language solution suppliers. They’ve made it easier for firms to grow into nations where their native language isn’t spoken. They were able to do so while maintaining translation accuracy, improving TAT using technology, and lowering costs.

For example, their most recent innovation is GlossaryX360®, a clever tool that automatically finds terminology in source files and suggests it to the customer and translators. This has been found to be beneficial in terms of enhancing translation quality and reducing overall project duration.

The person behind the vision

Shilpa Mittal is a leader who opted to pursue her passion and was adamant about sticking it out until she reached her objectives. She excelled in academics as a youngster and continued to do so all the way through graduation till she earned her chartered accountant certification, for which she was an All-India rank holder on a constant basis. Shilpa was lucky enough to work for major companies such as Citibank, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley, which enriched her professional expertise. Despite her remarkable success in the corporate world, she always felt a yearning to do something on her own, which was the catalyst for the creation of Ulatus.

Shilpa, as the CEO of Ulatus, must be involved in all aspects of the company. She controls all operations to ensure smooth operation, from product definition through client satisfaction, as well as overall management, HR, and business culture. “Taking something to the next level, despite how exhausting it can be at times, brings a lot of happiness, and I’m glad I’ve been able to achieve that with Ulatus year after year. Shilpa explains, “It’s difficult but also tremendously gratifying.”

Shilpa makes a conscious effort to establish a balance between her personal and professional lives. Shilpa believes that she does not have to choose between attaining the next major accomplishment for Ulatus and caring for her three children at home. Shilpa understands that problems will always exist, but she believes that giving her the opportunity to fail or make an excuse will make things even more difficult. “I enjoy my time at work while still making sure I have enough quality time for myself and my family,” she says.

Vision for Ulatus

Ulatus is a global leader, having been named one of the top 75 translation service providers in the world and one of the top 16 in Asia by the Common Sense Advisory. It was also named one of the top ten Pharma and Life Science Technology Solution providers. Ulatus provides language and localization services to scholars all over the world. Addressing the massive Life Sciences industry’s localization needs is one of their main accomplishments. Through active participation and roles in clinical trial translations, they assist in the launch of medications in international markets.

The company’s help philosophy for scholars and corporations is quite obvious. They want to be known as global communication facilitators, overcoming the language barrier that prevents successful research and development from reaching a worldwide platform and enterprises from scaling up due to a lack of ability to reach and tap local markets. Ulatus places a strong emphasis on two key components in all of its solutions: quality and technology. In summary, they want their clientele to continue to entrust them with assisting them in their global expansion. Ulatus also wants to learn a lot more about technology.

Ulatus’ crew must be motivated and optimistic in order to attain this lofty goal. The employees’ unanimity of thought is what keeps them motivated. They’re all on the same page when it comes to achieving achievement. “What motivates us is the desire to get there. Shilpa Mittal, a leader who is proud of her outstanding team, says, “We’re also driven by each other’s energy and trust the people we work with to carry us over the line every day.”

Upcoming Ventures

Ulatus has always sought for opportunities to do new things while remaining true to the rules of progress. Prior to everything else, they have focused on ensuring quality. This has resulted in a steady stream of loyal customers on which they can and have developed their business. Ulatus began with the academic markets in Japan, which had enormous potential many years ago. Since then, they’ve grown to eight nations and served clients in more than a hundred countries. They’ve been able to break into areas where others have failed, and they’ve garnered prominence in a number of locations along the road.

Ulatus’ goal is to become the most well-known and trusted language solutions provider for a wide range of languages. Shilpa and her team want Ulatus ( to be the top choice for clients looking for translation services in a variety of industries all over the world. “It will take a lot of effort and patience to achieve this, but we’re currently focused on quality and our commitment to client happiness. We’ve been gradually increasing over the previous few years, and we intend to perform much better in the future. “Blending technology with quality has worked for us so far, and we will continue to do it more efficiently in the future,” Shilpa says.

Shilpa has always known she was destined for greatness. She was certain that she needed to broaden her horizons in order to realise her full potential, and she did just that. She is a leader with a powerful mind who refuses to accept that anything is too tough or impossible to do. Roadblocks aren’t going to stop her from succeeding since she believes they’re all in our heads. Shilpa Mittal’s tale inspires every woman to not settle for anything less than what she deserves, and she deserves more than she realises.

Details of the company :

  • Year of Founding: 2018

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Member: Shilpa Mittal

  • Office Locations: Hamilton, New Jersey, United States

  • Company Strength: 42 Employees

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Story by : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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