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Uniphore [uni: consisting of, relating to, or having only one, universal; and phore: meaning “bearer of”]

The word Uniphore comes from the notion that speaking and the human voice distinguishes us from other creatures. It is the most common means of communication amongst us. The importance of voices cannot be overstated, and they can be combined to generate powerful conversations.

Uniphore has always excelled in capturing the power of human speech. But Uniphore is much more than that. Something more expansive, global, visionary, and human. We’re utilising AI to assist the world solve a frontier problem: bridging the gap between people and robots by leveraging speech and our voices to ensure that everyone is heard.

The future of customer service is Conversational Service Automation.

Uniphore’s Conversational Support Automation platform provides the most advanced, accurate, personalised, and automated customer service on the globe, regardless of who you are, where you are in the world, or which language or dialect you speak. A discourse that flows naturally. There will be no frustration; instead, you will gain a deep knowledge of emotion and intent in real time, allowing you to solve problems faster.

Customer support agents benefit from Conversational Service Automation because it improves the quality of their conversations, automates agent activities, and automates disposition capture and after-call activities. All of this is backed up by an analytics and security layer.

Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant, and Voice Biometrics are all part of our platform, which transforms how businesses communicate with customers, generate loyalty, and save money.

Uniphore Conversational Service Automation delivers the industry’s highest voice accuracy, the broadest language coverage, the fastest latency and reaction times, and the highest degree of intent prediction. Uniphore is the human-like communication that is accessible through whichever interface you are using in the future, when true customer service is omnipresent and integrated into the fabric of our daily lives.

Uniphore was founded in 2008 in IIT Madras, India’s foremost research institute, and is driven by innovation. Uniphore has grown at an exponential rate since then, with several of the world’s largest enterprise customers, millions of end-users, and over 260 staff spread across the United States, India, and Singapore. Each team member is driven to pursue greatness

persistently, with leadership and integrity, never compromising, and always with the long-term vision of doing the right thing.

  • Our mission is simple. And it’s how we plan to lead the customer service intelligence revolution.

  • We give each customer a voice.

  • No one else hears them. But we do.


Conversational Service Automation (CSA) Platform is the future of customer service. Leveraging Conversational AI, NLP and RPA, CSA optimizes customer-agent interactions increasing self-service rates, automating agent tasks including agent after call-work (ACW) and call disposition. All with an underlying analytics and security layer.

Our platform includes conversational self-service, agent security and co-pilot solutions, and interaction analytics.

Customer engagement and self-service and automation rates are improving thanks to an omnichannel AI-driven intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that works across IVR, web, and mobile. U-Self Serve uses Conversational AI to shift transactional engagements away from high-cost human agents.

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