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Valor Compounding Pharmacy

10. Rick Niemi, CEO- Valor Compounding Pharmacy- Top 10 Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Valor is a specialized compounding pharmacy that customizes medications to fit the unique needs of each patient. Its mission is to reinvent compounding pharmacy. They work with a network of providers, patients, health systems, institutions, and research scientists throughout the United States. They believe that the most dangerous phrase in their industry is “it’s always been done that way”. They seek to change how you think about and view compounding pharmacy.

They are your proactive partner in health care. They are nimble and responsive. The average turnaround time for a compounding pharmacy is 7 days. They do it in 2 to 4! They are data-driven: they monitor key metrics, use, and analyze data to improve their operations to produce the highest quality service and product for their patients and customers.

They have hand-picked supplements that they recommend as additional support for patients who would like to boost their health with an addition to the compounded medications they are prescribed. These supplements are not a replacement for any medications. They recommend that you speak with your doctor or nutritional consultant about which supplements are right for your needs.

Why do patients and doctors choose dietary supplements?

Dietary (or nutritional) supplements may help reduce the risk of certain diseases and might reduce the discomfort caused by certain conditions.  

Supplements can provide a single vitamin or include a combination of ingredients designed to provide broader support for management of anxiety, better sleep, an increase in energy, reduction of pain and inflammation, immune system support, and other benefits.

Their Programs:

Why Compounded Medications?

  • Non-Standard Doses: You take a commercially available medication but require a dose that is not available. They’ll make your “in-between” dose so that you don’t have to bother with a pill-cutter or accuracy in ensuring that you are taking your medication safely and correctly. 
  • Ingredient allergies: You are allergic to any ingredient in a particular medication. They’ll find custom alternatives for you that remove that ingredient. 
  • Commercial availability: A commercially available medication that you usually take is no longer available. They can duplicate it for you. 
  • personalized formula: You are seeing a specialty physician because you have body pain, are trying to conceive, get hot flashes or suffer from another hormonal imbalance, have a skin condition, have thyroid disease, or have other specialized treatment needs. Their pharmacists will work with your physician to find the right balance and compounded formula that works for you.
  • administration restrictions: You have a baby or a child that cannot swallow a pill. They can convert your child’s medicine into a suspension or liquid form to allow for easy administration.
  • Ease of use: You have a household pet or exotic animal that cannot easily take medicine. They can compound an easy-to-use form of the medication for you.

Valor is an active partner within the wider healthcare community, supporting a range of stakeholders by leveraging their experience, critical thinking, and compounding capabilities to pay it forward. Valor focuses on what is best for the patient. For individuals who rely daily on specialized medications, that means reducing anxiety and making the experience simple, fast, and predictable.

Website- https://valorcompounding.com/

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