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Verse One

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“Driving digital change”

Verse One Group is a multi-disciplined product and services organization providing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions to the NHS, Social Housing, and the wider market. They take immense pride in being able to offer their customers a full-market proposition. A proposition that not only delivers fantastic and flexible solutions, built on award-winning products, but that combines deep and meaningful knowledge of the sectors within which they operate, alongside a full range of incredibly creative, digital, and professional services.

They are dedicated to providing their customers with innovative Digital Transformation solutions across multiple channels that deliver outstanding Customer Engagement and User Experiences. They bring to bear over 15 years of successfully blending Creative and Digital know-how with online and mobile technologies to connect customers and users with the business content of an organization. This derives the most commercial value from this vital business asset providing their customers with a real competitive edge.

Their products:

  • Digital Experience Management: A true digital experience platform (DXP) is more than just a content management system and a website or intranet. Of course, it must have these key elements to function, but it is the user experience design and personalized content delivery which need to work in harmony to deliver unique digital experiences to each persona.
  • Process Automation and AI: VerseOne Business Process Automator (BPA) module enables you to drive real RoI through removing inefficiencies and automating paper-based processes such as staff onboarding/off-boarding, tenancy onboarding, vaccination bookings, and much more.
  • Systems Integration and Data Flow: VerseOne Autevo Intelligent Integration Platform is the data unification engine that underpins all of VerseOne’s technology platforms delivering seamless integration, interoperability, and data exchange.
  • Collaboration and Communication: VerseOne Vocoll is a suite of online collaboration tools designed to streamline your customer service and business requirements. From team collaboration to live support Vocoll has all, you need to help digitally transform your business.
  • Intranets: Keep your organization engaged and connected with VerseOne’s next-generation Intelligent Work Hub intranet solution, and provide staff with seamless access to the information that matters to them.

VerseOne Innovation Fund is a seed capital fund for investing in early-stage businesses with novel and unique Intellectual Property (IP) that provide innovative ways to make a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives in the field of digital health and other related socially responsible areas.

Their prime focus is solutions that deliver real value and return on investment (ROI), whilst being incredibly easy to deploy and a low and predictable cost of ongoing ownership. This approach has been validated through a loyal and growing customer base of over 120 organizations, as well as several independent recognitions and awards. These have established VerseOne group as a market leader across several private and public sectors, such as Social Housing, the NHS, and the broader commercial sector.

Website- https://www.verseone.com/

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