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Visit Bentonville

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“A town you can explore with all your senses”

Visit Bentonville towns are the heart of America. Some say that they’re gone, moved on, or simply faded away. But there’s a new American town on the map. It’s a town with a big heart and even bigger ambition. A town where modern progress meets rich history, where the arts meet innovation, and where companies meet communities. A town you can explore with all of your senses: from fresh air in the Ozarks, to fresh cuisine on your plate. That town is Bentonville, Arkansas. A town to visit, to see, to breathe, and to discover: “Now this is a great town.” Visit Bentonville — a new American town.

Bentonville’s public art program features 100 sculptures and installations that pop up along trails, on the sides of buildings, and in some surprising places. Like everything in Bentonville today, a prevailing bike theme surfaces in the city’s public art.  While exploring Bentonville on two wheels, look for the massive Bike Towers that pop up along the Razorback Greenway and other multi-use trails in town. Each a mangled stack of discarded bike frames, the bases have working tire pumps. Also stop for selfies with Sassy the Sasquatch and Monarch & Dandelion, impressive works made from discarded bike parts.

In Bentonville, you have options! From cozy bed and breakfasts to the chain hotels and Airbnbs you have come to love, Bentonville’s accommodations will provide you with all of the comforts you are used to having at home.

Things To Explore:

Bentonville is a place to experience morning, noon, and night! From their vibrant downtown square, historical areas, and world-class museums to their soft and hard cycling trails that connect you across Northwest Arkansas, your next adventure is awaiting in Bentonville! Bentonville is also a hub of diverse culinary options and initiatives that are paving paths to making Bentonville a top destination for food and travel lovers, alike! Creating that perfect itinerary is their job. If you’re planning your trip, they are the ones you can contact. They look forward to welcoming you to Bentonville! 

Website- https://www.visitbentonville.com/

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