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Through sophisticated assistive automation, Vitally enables B2B SaaS teams like Segment, Zapier, and Product board to gain a deep understanding of their customers and empower every customer success manager to 10x their effectiveness.

Vitally empowers teams to swiftly deploy superior customer success procedures and have an instant impact by fast combining diverse product and customer data into an extraordinarily powerful and easy-to-use platform. An analytics platform built to expand client success is offered by this company.

The company’s platform enables B2B SaaS companies to track product metrics that are important for customer retention, as well as the impact their post-sales process has on those metrics, and to document their interactions with customers, allowing clients to measure their relationship with each customer and how that is driving revenue, allowing them to find a way to increase revenue.

What are our options?

Organize your consumer information. With connectors to the most popular tools used by B2B SaaS enterprises, you can be up and running in minutes.

Create happy customers for your product. Product success is the first step toward customer success. Create custom metrics to quantify your unique value by analysing every interaction people have with your product.

Dashboard for Customers

Every client has a 360-degree perspective of them, with the most detailed information on their product usage available. All of your customer-facing work should be planned and managed.

With customizable tasks, you can help your team reach daily goals. With strong Projects, you can organize your work and keep your team focused on long-term Goals

Multiple health scores should be defined.

The client journey is complicated, and a single health score rarely suffices. Track several health ratings across your accounts to get a detailed picture of a customer’s achievement in different categories.

Keep track of your clients’ general health.

Use a weighted average of each individual health score you make to track an account’s total health score.

Using both overall health and individual scores, you’ll be able to segment customers, fire alarms, and create playbooks.

Scores for different client subgroups can be customized.

Depending on the product subscription or lifetime stage, customer health often priorities different factors. Define separate health equations for different consumer segments to ensure your health scores are entirely accurate.

Examine health trends in different segments.

Do you want to see how one CSM’s portfolio stacks up against another’s? Perhaps you could look at health patterns among your highest-paying clients, those who are about to renew, or those who have access to particular features? With our sophisticated health dashboards, you can easily look into the past performance of any consumer group.

  • Industries: Internet

  • Company size: 1-10 employees

  • Headquarters: New York, NY

  • Type: Privately Held

  • Founded: 2017


Customer Success, SaaS, Analytics, B2B, Retention, Customer Engagement, Churn, and Onboarding

Sources and references : Vitally

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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