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Vossic is a pioneer service enabler and a system integrator. With experienced and energetic talents, we provide solutions ranging from On-line to Off-line (O2O), Self-Service Kiosk, social media, Interactive Multi-Screen, IoT/IoE, Cloud Services, FinTech, and Big Data. They serve leading corporations, including telecom operators, Multiple System Operator (MSO), retailers, e-commerce, finance, and advertising. Their clients, especially those in the cold chain industry, have already been using VIP (Vossic IoT Platform) in a fast and cost-effective way for years. From farm to table, VIP has helped their cold chain vendors solve their pain points and still fits their unique workflows. Most importantly, the main goals of accurately monitoring and responding to temperature variation are truly accomplished.

They provide one-stop, end-to-end (from client App to cloud server) total solutions. They engage with clients from idea to product launch. Their unique agile development process, developed over decades, has greatly reduced time-to-market. Through serving giant companies like telcos and MSO for decades, they fully understand the importance of features like reliability, scalability, manageability, and security, while keeping flexibility and a good user experience. These features make their solution unique and preferred by their clients.

Their services:

  • VIP (Vossic IoT Platform): The IoT (Internet of Things) has been adopted in many industries and has helped enterprises in many ways, e.g., providing better services, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency. However, implementing the appropriate IoT solution under budget and schedule has always been the main challenge for enterprises embracing IoT.

Vossic is known for building up IoT services for its clients a flash of lightning and cost-effective way, based on its patented Vossic IoT Platform (VIP). VIP is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) with an easy-to-use user interface, which can be used by enterprises to set up and enable their IoT devices quickly, and then manage them via mobile or PC anytime anywhere. VIP has many great features, as shown below.

  • Smart Retail (SML):  SML is a self-service refrigerated locker system, equipped with many advanced features (such as modular design, self-diagnosis, offline operation, temperature monitor), which aims to solve last-mile delivery issues for retailers. Using SML, retailers can provide their customers with a convenient way to pick up parcels anywhere and anytime and can boost retailer efficiency and reduce delivery costs.

In addition to providing a better shopping experience to end-users, SML’s temperature control system preserves all items at the right temperature, which also helps retailers to gain competitive advantages in the market by providing food safety assurance and reducing significant food waste costs.

Moreover, SML is an O2O solution that helps retailers not only to bring online customers to brick-and-mortar stores but also to capitalize on both channels to drive overall sales, engage new customers and earn customer loyalty.

  • Cold Chain Logistics: Keeping delivered foods safe is the highest priority for all cold chain logistics companies. However, foods sometimes become spoiled or contaminated during delivery, severely damaging the reputation of logistics brand image.

To prevent this problem, one global logistics company adopts Vossic’s IoT Cold Chain Solution to manage its distribution centers, warehouses, and refrigerator trucks. By monitoring the delivery conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, and route) of goods in real-time, the company can guarantee food safety and realize food traceability. Moreover, operators will instantly get notifications from the system whenever something goes wrong during transportation. As a result, Vossic’s IoT Cold Chain Solution helps our clients not only keep the high quality of delivered goods but also increases their brand preference and value.

  • Smart Farming: Vossic has been cultivating agriculture, aquaculture, and livestock for years. They have been helping many enterprises and farmers by providing various AIoT (AI + Internet of Things) farming solutions to improve their efficiency and keep them competitive in the industry.

Vossic’s AIoT farming solutions comprise AI, IoT, Big data, and Blockchain technologies, which digitize the growth of crops, aquatic products, and livestock, and learn over time. The system advises farmers when to take proper actions (e.g., watering and fertilizing) to raise their products so that farmers do not have to rely only on experience or even intuition. As a result, the efficiency and product quality are improved, and the labor cost is significantly reduced.

Their mission is to be recognized as a leading software service developer by providing customers reliable, scalable, flexible, manageable yet innovative software solutions. They are not just doing what customers want. They provide solutions beyond customers’ expectations and eventually enhance their performance and competitive positions. They will conduct business ethically, contribute to people’s lives and create a friendly working place for their employees. They are innovative service enablers. By providing software solutions that exceed customer expectations, they help customers differentiate their services and gain the edge in their markets. They are successful only if their customers are successful.


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