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About Us

W-Locate’s mission is to empower businesses

W-Locate’s powerful technology empowers businesses, organizations and individuals with valuable location-based information in real time. Our data helps businesses make informed decisions, secure new revenue streams and boost productivity.

Our innovative in-house solution integrates M2M Telematics, Big Data and Cloud Computing with Location Intelligence. That’s what sets it apart from the competition.

Since our inception in 2010, our technologies have benefitted businesses and organizations across Asia. Our solutions have been deployed by a number of industries including telecommunications, F&B services, logistics, construction and the public sector.

The W-Locate approach

FIND is more than a fleet management platform. FIND can be customized with specially placed sensors and can be deployed to track any mobile device or outdoor object. With a proven track record in customization through M2M Telematics, we are able deliver insight on a wide-range of information that businesses could only have been able to collect manually prior to FIND. With FIND, data is now only a few clicks away

How do we go about doing it?

In addition to FIND, which essentially is a fleet management platform, FIND also allows for customization and can be deployed to track any other mobile or outdoor objects. With our proven track records in customization through M2M Telematics, we are able to deliver business owners information that they could only collect manually prior to deploying FIND (M2M Telematics).

First, Our dedicated FIND Plus consultants will spend time speaking to the business owners and ground crew to understand the business processes before implementation. Once, we understand the business processes, we will then determine the vital information that needs to be collected before we proceed to deploy. Once we are ready for deployment, we integrate various machine systems/sensors (M2M Telematics) to monitor and record all the required pre-defined parameters in real time.

About the Co-Founder & CEO


Stevie is a serial entrepreneur who has been in the location and telecommunication business for more than 10 years. Before entering the location industry, he was an outstanding sales manager in the air cargo Industry for more than 15 years and was often topping sales revenue targets set by his employers due to his excellent salesmanship.

After his departure from the air cargo industry, Stevie founded his first company in 2002, EinfoAsia Pte Ltd (“EInfo”). Einfo was the first onlinedotcom directory in Singapore. Einfo consolidated all the information from local directories and provided an easy way for businesses to build their own mailing or calling list to sell to the target market of their choice.

In 2006, Stevie was hired by AGIS Pte Ltd, one of the top mapping and navigation companies in South East Asia at that time. At AGIS, Stevie was their Director of Special Projects; he was in charge of strategic business development and sales. He was the one who secured Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson & O2 as customers for AGIS. His efforts brought AGIS into a new level as AGIS mapping application was pre-installed in some of the earlier generations smart Nokia & later Samsung’s phones.

After his departure from AGIS in 2008, he founded MarketingWorx Pte Ltd (“MW”), which was a company that delivers SIM value added services such as news, lottery results, sports results, etc. StarHub, M1 & SPH were few of their anchor customers. It was during his time in MW where he saw the opportunity to do something more with the SIM cards by using it as a platform for tracking purposes, which led to the founding of W-Locate Pte Ltd.

As the CEO of W-Locate, Steve is in charge of developing strategic partnership, channel sales and acquisition of key customers.

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