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Waste Labs

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About Waste Labs

We offer a set of artificial intelligence-enabled applications for analysing and visualizing waste data and giving actionable waste management and recycling insights. Top-tier waste management companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia use the Waste Labs platform. We have also relocated to the United Kingdom. Waste Labs aids in the improvement of waste logistics quality and performance while also saving up to 20% on service expenses.

What can we do to assist you?

  • Mapping of Waste: Identifying and analysing the area’s best trash and recyclables producers.

  • Collection Preparation: To collect their waste, they must find the best combination of vehicles, crew, and routes. Useful for new collection projects or tenders.

  • Pricing and Diagnostics: Analyzing the current collection operations’ performance and estimating the cost-cutting opportunities

  • Optimisation: Resources and routes are being fine-tuned to achieve optimal utilisation and profit margin.

There are four compelling reasons to give it a shot right now.

1.Data-ready: The platform is pre-loaded with public and private data that can be used to plan and optimise trash management.

2.Time to plan in minutes: In a matter of seconds, our industry-specific algorithms develop accurate and thorough resource planning and routes.

3.Lowering costs: AI-assisted planning, benchmarking, and optimization allow businesses to serve more customers with fewer resources.

4.It is simple to begin: We promptly give actionable insights by combining our own data sources with that of our clients.

Source : Waste Labs

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