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Webstream Communications Pvt Ltd

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We are a prominent provider of webcasting, video conferencing, and voting pad events with extensive experience conducting online events. We have actual offices in a number of countries and virtual offices in several more.

Webstream is a company that values client happiness and strives to achieve it at all times. Our strategy is built on a foundation of consistent reliability and clear focus, and it has earned us respect from clients all around the world.

What are the benefits of using Webstream?

Consistency and Reliability. Brings a wealth of experience in crisis management, troubleshooting, and perfect event implementation.Over 5000 events completed and counting. Over 800 pleased clients and counting. Team of 25 from 15 fully qualified event engineers. Every event is thoroughly managed and handled as if it were our very first event.

We promise you have a quiet sleep.

Benefits of a Live CEO’s Address It gives a platform on which important announcements can be made live and in real time.It is a useful tool for inspiring staff, and it may be used to congratulate the entire team on their accomplishments.


Webstream Communications Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Adnan Gandhi, a visionary who has always understood the greater picture and nailed all the specifics to develop a firm that offers a promise rather than a service.

Adnan began working at the tender age of 15, and as a result, he has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of fields.

He has a profusion of technical capabilities thanks to an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering degree, and a Post Graduate Degree in Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (specialising in marketing) has made him a visionary and a leader.

He believes in providing a solution rather than a service as a leader in the online events industry.

Adnan has extended the organisation beyond key cities in India, the Middle East, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with event execution capabilities in 93 countries globally, thanks to his tireless efforts and commercial acumen.

He was the first in India to promote the notion of online CMEs (Continuous Medical Education) and to introduce digital solutions to the healthcare sector, fundamentally changing the dynamics of communication.

Webstream Communications has won awards and recognition from the AIAC.

The All India Achievers’ Conference (AIAC) Award for Excellence was hosted in August 2014 in New Delhi to honour ‘Achievement’ and ‘Excellence’ at the individual and corporate levels.

We were given the award in the Webcasting and Online Events category as a testament to the fact that Webstream achieves the high calibre it envisions for itself and the country.

The AIAC Award is yet another feather in Webstream’s cap, confirming our constant dedication to excellence and innovation.

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