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Winimy – Builds And Orchestrates Ai-Engineered Bespoke Customer Engagement Technologies

Winimy is an AI-powered omnichannel customer engagement solution for bespoke customer experience. Serving over 900,000 local businesses in Singapore and the Middle East, they understand the greater expectations from customers and companies for instant communication and timely info. They have been recognized as one of the 7 most innovative Global Technology ventures at Innovfest Unbound by Unilever and was Winner of the Microsoft-SGInnovate ScaleUp Companies Contest. Headquartered in Singapore, Winimy is backed by Telstra through its accelerator, muru-D. They have offices in Singapore and India, with partner offices in Australia and Indonesia. At Winimy, they understand the ever-increasing expectations of customers and companies for smart living and improved customer experience across multiple customer touchpoints. With their expertise and patented artificial intelligence (AI) and voice solutions, they design the future of how customers discover, connect, and transact with businesses.

Their award-winning solution has been implemented by many organizers to differentiate their brands and events, provide a WOW factor and maximize engagement. As the world’s first-ever AI Concierge and Wayfinding solution they have partnered with many Innovative Conferences and events this year, including massive events like Echelon Asia 2018, Communicasia 2018, the anchor conferences by Singapore Press Holdings, as well as curating customized solutions for bespoke, closed-door events for brands like Cargill. Winimy AI was also invited to the prestigious World Cities Summit in July 2018 to showcase its technology for making smart living accessible to all.

Their solution:

  • Hotel: Hotel guests often expect minimal wait time and fast check-in service while arriving at the hotel; hotel concierge and front office officers are overwhelmed by the throng of the crowd or massive requests at times. They understand that hoteliers are actively looking to delight guests and offer impeccable guest service. Hence, they tailored a smart and interactive solution for a luxury 5-star smart hotel in downtown Singapore to improve the guest experience and increase direct booking.
  • Events & Conferences: Technology has significantly altered the way meetings and events are held today. Attendees expect higher levels of customization and more control of their event experience. Event organizers are burdened with the responsibility of not only making the event engaging but also ensuring that it has recall value and is differentiated from other events. Winimy offers AI-engineered customized customer engagement technologies that help meet customer experience across multiple customer touchpoints. Their interactive solution automates and simplifies the planning process, increases event attendance, and delights customers, by offering an exciting experience.
  • Mall: Due to the mushrooming of myriad stores, shoppers are easily bedazzled by the stores popped up in the mall and find it difficult to locate their desired store. Most of the mall tenants can hardly grab the attention of the targeted shoppers for specific promotions while the mall management finds it challenging to tackle the issues faced by both shoppers and tenants. The onslaught of e-commerce and changing of consumer behavior has affected the businesses of brick-and-mortar stores. All these translate to a drop in sales revenue, reduced footfall, and even store closures. Winimy observes the challenges and presented a solution to drive footfall and provide a WOW experience for the shoppers.

They have a bold ambition to shape the future of business-customer communication with artificial intelligence (AI). Their values of customer-centricity, mutual respect, and constant learning will foster a great environment for you. They envision leading the wave of industrial revolution 4.0 by augmenting humans, bridging smart and civilized communities. Arming the aspiring game changers across various industries, they aspire to enhance communications and engagement between you and businesses via humane, creative, and innovative way with AI technology (patent pending), for a sustainable future.


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