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WTO needs to move from just an organization to a robust institution Experts

WTO needs to move from just an organisation

“Institutional inertia in the World Trade Organization has recently been violated. The full restoration of the dispute resolution process and consensus on how WTO reform should remain is still a challenge,” said Pradeep Mehta, Secretary-General of CUTS International. He was speaking at a CUTS webinar to discuss the future of the WTO.

The program, entitled “The Future of the WTO or the WTO of the Future?” and the first in a series following the 12th recently concluded WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12) saw several prominent panels discussing various issues related to WTO reforms. Presided over by Montek Singh Ahluwalia, former Deputy Chairman of the Indian Planning Commission.

Discussions focused on whether MC12 could provide the impetus for revitalizing institutional negotiation functions, monitoring, and dispute resolution. While some panel editors believe MC12 is a victory in itself, others are different.

In their discussions, if the WTO fails to address key issues such as the scope and role of consensus in decision-making, it will continue to lag behind free trade agreements (FTAs). Not only do the FTAs ​​go beyond the rules of the WTO, but they also do it separately from each other and separate the trading order.

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