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Xeeva Inc

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About the Company

In 2014, Xeeva began as a business services and enterprise software firm in Detroit, delivering procurement software to the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Xeeva tackles the issues of indirect spend management with a team of purchasing, data science, and engineering professionals who are always looking for new ways to improve the procurement process. Customers are also assisted by a staff of implementation and training professionals who ensure a happy and successful experience with us.As a result, Xeeva is a preferred partner of leading corporations around the world, assisting them in transforming their procurement procedures into profitable procurement operations.

Impediments while on the journey

Nina stepped into the company during the time of the pandemic. She states, “Not being able to develop relationships with the entire team face-to-face has been very unfortunate. Additionally, every day, we have to make difficult choices in order to put our employees and their families health and safety first.”

However, these challenges prepared her and her team to be ready for the unexpected. No matter what comes their way, they have to adapt and offer the best services.

She adds, “It has also taught us not to take anything for granted. Something as simple as going out to lunch with a coworker seems unimaginable now, so we must never take the simple pleasures for granted.”

Transforming the things with Xeeva

  • Xeeva understands the importance of data in buying decisions. That’s why, in order to help you get the most out of it, we classify, categorise, and enhance your data using the industry’s first AI-powered data solution. As a result, you’ll have more precise and granular analytics, better sourcing decisions, and a more straightforward procurement process.

  • Xeeva is a pioneer in indirect spend management software that streamlines the procurement process. The process begins with the analysis of indirect spend data, followed by the identification of cost-cutting opportunities. With a compliance and policy engine, as well as catalogue updates in our Procure-to-Pay platform, the sourcing platform assists organisations in realising savings through our Supplier Marketplace. Finally, our Procure-to-Pay platform provides a consumer-like shopping experience for requesters and buyers.

  • Xeeva discovered that indirect items account for 25% of a company’s total spending. The C-suite, on the other hand, has little visibility into what is being purchased, from which vendors, and for what price. They began developing their data-driven, AI-powered XVA Platform in response to this revelation, with the goal of assisting mid-market to large enterprise companies in gaining visibility into their indirect spend, creating sourcing events, and purchasing items with a consumer-like experience and a focus on compliance.

Being the CEO & President

Wearing the hat of the CEO and President of the company, Nina builds on the company’s momentum with the development of additional initiatives to maximize client experiences, expand its offerings, and accelerate growth.

Nina Vellayan, President and CEO of Xeeva, is guiding the company with clever and innovative solutions in the idea of assisting others in growing their businesses through good management. Nina worked with a range of organisations before joining Xeeva, including private, public, small, and large businesses, as well as enterprise SaaS. She was able to broaden her skill set and diversify her expertise as a result of these invaluable encounters.

“I was an investor and acting CEO of Stewardship Technology,” she continues. I’ve also worked as a top executive and investor in banking, payments, and software technology companies, including as the CEO of FrontStream Payments, the COO of Official Payments, and a divisional President at Sallie Mae.” Nina was drawn to Xeeva by its creative approach in 2020. She saw the company and its solutions as having a lot of potential. As a result, she got right in to assist the company in continuing to develop and thrive. This was the start of her adventure with Xeeva.

Transparency and openness, she feels, allow new ideas to flow freely throughout the team. “Innovation occurs because our staff feel empowered and aren’t scared to share their ideas and opinions,” she says, emphasising the point. We also make certain that our employees never stop learning. Our personnel have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain professional certificates, and expand their understanding of cutting-edge concepts.”

Future Ventures of the Company

Our aim and vision are to help businesses save more money by leveraging data-driven spend management and artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover insights, save money, and reduce indirect spending.

We’ll keep doing our best to help our clients by anticipating their future needs, identifying new cost-cutting opportunities, and making better business decisions based on their expenditure

data. They intend to improve their modelling over the next few years, add to their 40 million SKUs, and continue to expand the features and functions of their products.

Source & reference : Xeeva

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