10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022-profiles

XLMS limited

4. Ian Hau - XLMS limited - Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022

XLMS is a Hong Kong-based group of architects and builders operating within the fields of Planning, Architecture, Interior design, and Project Management. XLMS is an award-winning integrated Design & Construction Company. XLMS provides Design and Build turn-key solutions. XLMS is a group of architects and builders operating within the fields of Planning, Architecture, Interior design, and Project Management. The XLMS team is currently involved in several mixed-use projects in the Asia Pacific. The team is united by the desire to create innovative design, using commercial experience and local understanding.

  XLMS is proficient in the execution of pre-design or design and builds projects. Their extensive experience covers all types of construction services in diverse projects. Their wide-ranging design experience in retail, hospitality, workplace, and luxury living allows them to develop the client’s vision into environmentally sound and workable schemes. 

XLMS are architects and builders with in-house capabilities to develop the project from the concept through construction to the successful completion. They are uniquely positioned to transform great ideas into innovative solutions that exceed their client’s expectations.

XLMS undertakes projects based on clients’ requirements and specifications. Leveraging their internal competencies and experiences they streamline the projects’ cost and provide the value-engineered design. Cost, quality, safety, and schedule are the benchmarks of our successful project.

 XLMS’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary lifestyle constantly evolves and changes. Not least due to the influence from multicultural exchange, global economic flows, and social media that all together combined to deliver architectural solutions that are insuring, enduring, cost-effective, and commercially sound.

 At XLMS they are not only interested in architecture, but they are also deeply interested in their contextual influence – how they act as a catalyst for vibrancy, diversity, and regeneration within cities. Often urban environments are both relentless and ubiquitous, they are made up of a repetitive fabric of residential and commercial development that creates a monotony to the way inhabitants experience the city.

 Masterplanning is key to XLMS’s ‘Place-making’ of urban environments or the making of a connection between buildings and their environments. By embedding them in social infrastructure, their buildings act as catalysts for vibrancy, diversity, and regeneration. XLMS projects include large-scale urban design, workplace, science & technology, houses, residential, retail, hospitality, and, increasingly, hybrid combinations of these typologies ‘mixed use’.

Every stage of each project, from concept to planning to construction, is carried out in close contact with the Client. Depending on the requirements of each project, a team is created and coordinated by a project manager who interacts with professional engineering consultants under the direction of the Partners. XLMS team deploys a ‘Think Tank’ philosophy at every level, to enable design and management leaders to collaborate and contribute their expertise.

Website- http://www.xlms.co/  

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