Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups In Singapore-profiles

Xpert Flow

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About Us

Found in 2018, XpertFlow aims to revolutionize the world of Healthcare by innovating and bringing the Artificial Intelligence techniques and providing a decision support system to healthcare professionals. As a team of passionate and hardworking individuals, we strive to contribute in Artificial Intelligence so to improve quality of treatment in healthcare.

  • Pioneers in Intelligent Healthcare in Pakistan

  • Predictive Forecasting and Analytics

  • Working towards the achievement of UN SDGs 3.1 and 3.2

  • Creating a positive impact on Pakistan’s startup ecosystem

Strategic Alliances

Since its inception, XpertFlow has partnered with Multiple valuable organizations and formed strategic alliances with companies, incubators and accelerators all across the globe.


Our company has developed, and is presently working on various products related to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. XpertFlow works by obtaining healthcare datasets, refining and preprocessing them, and then applying state-of-the-art ML algorithms to train our model coupled with User Interface accompying to modern standards.

  • Nostro:Bringing a revolution in countering life threatening medical conditions by monitoring critical patients in real time with the feature of real time patient alerts. Meet Nostro.

  • Nwear: Say hello to the future of wearable devices. Monitoring vitals is as easy as wearing a Smart Watch. Now Accepting Preorders. Contact us for more details.

  • Nview: Built in a state of the art and user friendly UI, Nview is equipped with upto 6 hour look ahead analytics and comes with an intelligent patient prioritization algorithm.


1.Deepscan Powered By Nvidia Clara Imaging: Built for data scientists and researchers, Clara Imaging offers easy-to-use, domain-optimized tools to create high-quality, labeled datasets, collaborative techniques to train robust AI models, and an end-to-end software framework for scalable and modular AI deployments.

2.TRAIN AI for Medical Imaging: We offer trainings and workshops for Clara Train Application Framework which kickstart the creation of AI-capable applications for medical imaging with APIs that can add AI- assisted annotation to any medical viewer and a set of domain-specialized pre-trained models.

3.Extensive Training for Medical Imaging: Learn the art of examining and studying medical images for various techniques such as MRI, XRAYS and CT scan.

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