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YouNet Media, a subsidiary of the YouNet Group, is a prominent provider of social media analytics (Social Media Analytics) in Vietnam. We are delighted to be a trusted partner of more than 500 firms because we combine technology with high competence in research and analysis, as well as in-depth consulting services tailored to your company goals. Vietnam’s and the world’s most well-known brands.

Why Should You Choose Us?

1.Leading Strategy Consultant : We accompany the brand throughout its journey, applying technology, data analysis, and creative design, with over 12 years of experience.

2.Comprehensive solutions : From data to execution, our ecosystem of technologies and solutions ensures that brands maintain a competitive advantage.

3.Experts’ Group: A team of professionals in data analysis, marketing, strategy development, and creative design will be on hand at all times to help the business realise its goal.

4.Understanding of the Industry We are confident in our data coverage and industry expertise because we have extensive consulting experience across multiple industries.

Category Analytics Industry analysis

Provide a comprehensive view of the industry, brand, and users, assisting the brand in developing an efficient communication strategy: monitoring user comments on the brand and competitors; evaluating brand and rival communication efficacy on social media; industry-related user concerns

Analytics for Brands

Brand analytics allows you to track, measure, assess, and compare a brand’s performance on social media with that of its competitors. At the same time, it assists brands in detecting and preventing unfavourable conversations before they become a communication catastrophe.

Campaign Analytics

How can you create and deploy a social media campaign that is relevant to consumers’ problems, cost-effective, and ensures KPIs are met?

Campaign analysis (Campaign Analytics) assists brands in selecting the appropriate messages and KPIs before to launching a campaign; ongoing measurement to optimise the performance

of campaign activities; and recommendations for future campaigns. In addition, keep an eye on campaign conversation nuances to avoid bad coverage of media efforts.

Consumer Analytics

How can you get a good understanding of a given customer/user group and stay up with their changing interests/needs/behaviors?

Analysis services for certain customer groups/users (for example, genZ, millennials, office employees, pregnant women, men…) provide an in-depth picture of consumer portraiture in various aspects, such as demographics, concerns/anxieties/interests, social media “touch points,” and so on. Following that, the company has a solid customer service and outreach strategy in place.

Influencer Analytics

How can brands use influencers “right” and reduce budget waste when the cost of influencers is increasing?

Influencer Analytics is an in-depth analysis service & real-time influencer performance evaluation with scientific metrics. From there, helping brands have a basis to choose the right influencers, evaluate and optimize performance.

Analyze social network trends (Social Trendspotter)

How to catch a “hot topic” on social networks as soon as it is “hot”? How to take advantage of “hot topic” to create natural virality?

The Social Trendspotter service helps brands understand upcoming and “hot” topics related to the industry / potential customers thanks to the collection of real-time data, combined with receiving Quick decision with application suggestions from experienced analysts & consultants.

Source : YouNet Media

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