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Zenzic Labs

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Zenzic Labs – The Enabler And Accelerator Of Game-Changing Stem Cell Technology

Unparalleled Performance in iPSC (Induced pluripotent stem cell) Reprogramming, Expansion, and Application. Zenzic Labs offers three unique advantages that enable it to deliver an unprecedented level of performance. The combination of these three core capabilities, allows them to provide access to large-scale iPSC production, as well as a marketable highly personalized product today.

Zenzic Labs looks for investors who share their vision in advancing humanity through game-changing stem cell technology, creating mass accessibility of iPSC to potentially combat today’s incurable diseases. Their technology today will be a sustainable competitive advantage in the future, that will accelerate the industry as a whole.

The combination of their founders’ expertise, experience, and intellectual property enables Zenzic Labs to deliver enhanced performance in the reprogramming and expansion of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC), which facilitates large-scale iPSC-based therapeutic applications, iPSC banking, and highly personalized iPSC-based products for individuals. By being a critical element within the industry, Zenzic Labs will support future first-line therapies for incurable and age-related diseases, ultimately advancing humanity.

Their Services:

Aligned with their vision and mission, Zenzic Labs will be offering services in both the B2B and the B2C space, providing the opportunity for people to harness the power of iPSC via contract manufacturing, licensing, personal iPSC reprogramming, banking, and iPSC-based cosmeceuticals.

  • Highest Quality Large-Scale iPSC: The biggest challenge for any organization in the stem-cell industry is accessing a sufficient quantity and quality of iPSC for research, clinical studies, or therapeutic purposes. Today’s methodology requires an enormous footprint, time, which translates to high cost. This challenge has drastically slowed the possible progress of cellular therapies, especially at the clinical trial level requires substantial data to validate the results.

Zenzic Labs’ combination of proprietary methodology and medium has the potential to render this problem obsolete. Their technology has consistently demonstrated its capability to reprogram at a higher rate and expand a population of iPSCs up to 6 times better than conventional methodology. Zenzic Labs also can refine our technology further for significantly higher yield in the future.

  • Safeguarding your future: Today, more than a thousand clinical trials are being conducted globally to combat incurable diseases using stem cells therapies. It is a matter of time before iPSC become the first-line option for today’s critical illness such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac issues, blindness, and other age-related problems.

Zenzic Labs will be the first to provide direct access for individuals to reprogram and bank their iPSC. By preserving their youngest and highest performing cellular assets, their customers will be best positioned to utilize their iPSC to future medical ailments, creating the ultimate insurance to stand against the tide of time.

Aside from these services, Zenzic Labs also provides ultra-personalized iPSC-based cosmeceutical, using their customers’ iPSC to create non-invasive rejuvenation treatment to maintain youth.

Zenzic Labs’ critical focus and purpose are to utilize and improve its technology to support the collective efforts of the world in creating future first-line therapeutics solutions for many of today’s incurable diseases. Zenzic Labs aims to provide iPSC for forward-thinking therapeutic, research organizations, and individuals with performance, efficiency, and quality that outpaces other existing processes. By focusing on these particular industry challenges, they are accelerating the timeline for practical iPSC therapeutic applications, which will ultimately, advance humanity.


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