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Zipari Incoporation

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Zipari Incorporation is the pioneered consumer experience technology for health insurance with the power to change an industry. Their platform offers unparalleled insights of every member touchpoint, the most accessible and comprehensive member profiles, and configurable solutions that build on your current technology. The result? Personalization for members that promotes satisfaction and motivates self-service, while driving operational efficiencies. Zipari’s breakthrough technology enables the type of member relationship that insurers want, and consumers seek. With a native understanding of the industry and exclusivity as sector specialists, they instinctively share their clients’ goals, aspiring to new possibilities for consumer relationships that will unlock all the potential that health insurance holds.

They are health insurance experts, exclusively dedicated to understanding the legacy and emerging challenges, and obsessed with creating solutions. They think and act quickly and thoughtfully. Their processes are agile and effective, allowing them to pivot with ease, deliver on their promises, and launch multiple solutions simultaneously and seamlessly. They continually demonstrate independence in thought and action, seeking to proactively develop the best solutions for health insurance, and following their passion for the industry- not a passion for dispersed business growth. They are responsible for their energy, attitude, and intentions in all interactions—committed to being kind to one other, their customers, and their communities.

Why Zipari Incorporation

  • Healthcare Expertise: Their unique approach to solving CX is informed by the decades of experience in health insurance and healthcare tech their team represents and their partnerships with 200 clients. They go beyond traditional engagement strategies and basic CRM technologies to create consumer experience solutions that break through barriers and capitalize on existing technology investments.
  • Vertical Exclusivity: Zipari is the first and only CX platform built exclusively for health insurance. With an API-first strategy, their platform delivers a product suite of end-to-end CX solutions that enable the realization of value quickly and provide a solid path for scaling over time. They aren’t consumed or distracted by other industries because health insurance is their only focus.
  • Built-in Value: Their omnichannel solutions are purpose-driven and designed to work for clients on day one. The most common payer workflows are built-in, including managing “next best action” recommendations based on pre-designed goal packaging, and intuitive digital experience that drives action. Powered by the Zipari CX Engine and CX Engagement Hub, they give clients unparalleled insights at every engagement touchpoint.
  • Speed and Agility: They enable clients to tackle the entire experience at once, delivering multiple products simultaneously with a rapid implementation cycle that is designed to maximize value quickly. This means transforming consumer experiences in months, not years, with measurable and meaningful ROI.

They aren’t just health insurance veterans and experts; they are also people who use health insurance. They care about creating empathetic solutions to challenges that frustrate payers and consumers because they understand the impact positive consumer experiences can have. They never accept the status quo. They push themselves to understand and solve market needs today and anticipate and pursue what comes next with energy and enthusiasm. Their API-first, configurable solutions break through barriers to convert goals to actions. They aren’t just here for you. They are here with you. Zipari is active in the most knowledgeable and influential organizations in health insurance to ensure they have a pulse on the payer and TPA needs, consumer expectations, and industry trends.


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