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What is Zühlke?

Zühlke is a global provider of innovative services. By developing services and solutions based on new technologies, we envision ideas and establish new business models for their clients – from the initial vision to deployment, manufacturing, and operation.

In addition to device and systems engineering, they specialize in strategy and business innovation, digital solutions, and application services. Their exceptional solutions deliver unrivaled corporate value as well as a solid basis for long-term success.

Zühlke is a Swiss company that was created in 1968 and is owned by its partners. Their 1,300 workers work for clients in a variety of industries and are based in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. In addition, their venture capital arm, Zühlke Ventures, provides high-tech start-up financing.

Their Strategy and Business Innovation

For you and your consumers, Zühlke develops effective strategies and ground-breaking innovations that offer long-term value. They take an outside-in, relentlessly agile strategy. This is transformative for their clients when they work together closely. They use interdisciplinary teams that comprise business experts, UX designers, psychologists, and mathematicians to drive innovation. They combine three critical views in this way: technology, business, and human experience.

In a complicated digital world full of uncertainty, their strategy consultancy delivers clarity and alignment, as well as the potential to redefine the way you create value with a new digital business plan.

Their innovation consultancy transforms intriguing ideas into tangible prospects, and then into incredible products, services, and business models that customers love. They also look at the necessity to restructure or reorganize processes or areas of the business to ensure you get the most out of every innovation.

Their organizational consulting services improve your company’s performance and learning capabilities, allowing you to anticipate change and adjust your organization accordingly. They are a team that works together, is realistic, and is focused on getting things done. They work together to streamline your business and build the groundwork for lucrative and long-term growth.

Digital Solutions and Application Services

They can handle anything from concept to implementation, whether it’s a next-generation mobile banking experience, medical-grade software for infusion pumps, or embedded software that runs on connected construction equipment.

When you work with Zühlke, you’re working with decades of digital innovation knowledge – as well as a unique talent set. Their consultants bring more to the table than just technical knowledge. They have hardwired for collaboration and pride themselves on their human-centered, business-oriented approach. This is how they develop ground-breaking digital products and value-added software solutions. For their clients, our approach is a game-changer, allowing them to overcome obstacles that others have failed to overcome.

From designing new applications and stunning digital goods to modernizing existing systems, secure cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and maintenance, their expertise handles every stage of the lifecycle. Their capabilities include full-stack development, UX design, AI, IoT, embedded, and regulatory expertise.

Data and AI Solutions

At Zühlke, the team thinks that the ethical use of data can help people and the environment. Data and AI solutions are critical for overcoming global stresses, such as in healthcare and resource allocation, as well as organizational issues, such as competitiveness, ongoing innovation, and the talent war.

With the help of Zühlke’s specialists, you can use data and AI to make smarter decisions, run more effective and efficient processes, and create completely new services and products.

We make it happen – with their unique expertise in the productionization of AI and data-based solutions, their interdisciplinary approach, and their know-how in the intelligent integration of human and machine strengths, they swiftly produce sustainable and measurable commercial value for you.

Jonas Trindler, CEO Asia

Jonas Trindler (39) has spent 16 years with Zühlke. Over the previous three and a half years, he has successfully built up and scaled the two Asian locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. During this time, Zühlke has established a presence in the Asian market and today serves a diverse range of international banking, insurance, and life science clients. With Asia as a key growth region, he envisions a combined Zühlke Group that is more dynamic and innovative, utilizing new technology to assist his clients in navigating the multi-faceted digital future.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company size : 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Headquarters : Schlieren, ZH

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 1968

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