About Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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The business magazine Swiftnlift provides a forum for and about outstanding business leaders. Our skilled team of authors is conducting precise study on the career paths of internationally-renowned C-Suite managers and turning them into excellent tips and practices for everybody. 

Our business magazine provides clear coverage from startups to legacy companies and anybody who wants to give in through the worldwide audience of stories of entrepreneurs and businesses on their road to success.

Swiftnlift is a business monthly magazine in USA, UK and APAC for C-Suite managers. With both print and digital publications, entrepreneurs share their insights into the industry, which enable and motivate other managers to accomplish their company aims and stay ahead.

In a monthly issue, ‘Swiftnlift Business Magazine’ will also bring together other managers in industry to talk about current trends, entrepreneurs that strategize their decisions to lead their company not just to success in terms of sales, marketing and production, but also to successful retention, a corporate corporation.

The Swiftnlift Business Magazine is a leading media, content, and Communications Company based in Pune, Maharashtra, with some of the most well-known brand names in magazine publishing, as well as digital and printed editions to help scale and extend the market. The Swiftnlift Business Magazine team brings you profiles of great businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world, as well as stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers, fundraising reports, capital pieces, and first looks at emerging trends in India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.



“Our mission is to tell stories that matter, stories with heart, with drive, and that wouldn’t be possible without the passion of our team – they are the heart and soul of Swiftnlift. They each have something that drives them to write, build, design, shoot, edit and publish these stories.”

Our zeal to put our colleagues into a common forum for a free-flowing sharing of thoughts and dreams is only balanced by our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and its global resonance. We work from all over India to bring India’s most promising entrepreneurs to the fore.

We have published stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers and helped many entrepreneurs access networking and funding opportunities. Each month, the magazine will focus on a new field, such as IT, Health Care, or Education, which will feature success stories and exclusive interviews with people in the business community.

Companies are still looking for a stable and meaningful campaign policy that can last for a long time. However, the intent and execution of marketing and branding are extremely complex and evolve with time. Even though the whole sector is shifting its operations to Artificial Intelligence, which has shattered basic business principles, we think the foundations of marketing are still intact.