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Top 10 Influential Entrepreneurs in Healthcare 2021

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Innovative Business Leaders Making a Difference in 2021

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The 10 Most Innovative and Inspiring Entrepreneurs in 2021

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The 10 Most Recommended Risk Management Solution Providers of 2021

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The 20 Most Innovative and Inspiring Entrepreneurs in 2021

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Top 10 Powerful Leaders Of A Successful Business To Watch In 2021


Business Leaders

Vizergy Digital Marketing-The Hospitality Industry's Go-To Brand For Intelligent Digital Marketing....

By Vizergy Swiftnlift staff

Vitally - Customer Success Is Business Success, Keep Both In Good Standing With Vitally...

By Vitally Swiftnlift staff

TAS Energy - Modular Data Center Products Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing...

By TAS Energy Swiftnlift staff

Southwest Recovery Services - We Help Recover The Money You Have Lost...

By SRS Swiftnlift staff

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Datamatics - Information Technology And Services

By Datamatics Swiftnlift staff

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Winmate Inc. - Responsive, Reliable, And Quick Customer Support On All Of Our Products. ...

By Winmate Swiftnlift staff

Top Startups In Singapore

KlearCard: To Become The Leading People Operations Provider For SMEs...

By KlearCard Swiftnlift staff

G9 Germ Killer: Destroys Viruses and Bactrias in the Air....

By G9 Germ Killer Swiftnlift staff

Dinlr Pte Ltd: Our Solution Work As Hard As You Do, Boosting Margins While Saving You Time, Getting More Done In Every Shift, Every Day....

By Dinlr Pte Ltd Swiftnlift staff

Keyless Technologies Pte Ltd: To Enable Organizations To Seamlessly Authenticate Their Users Without Having To Store Sensitive Information....

By Keyless Technologies Pte Ltd Swiftnlift staff

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Homeez: Singapore’s First Innovative Renovation Platform That Connects Homeowners To Direct Suppliers Using Technology....

By Homeez Swiftnlift staff

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Raintree Habitech: Changing The Future, One Step At a Time....

By Raintree Habitech Swiftnlift staff


Innovative Space Technologies: Supporting Aerospace, Defense, Energy & Emerging Technology Markets...

By Innovative Space Technologies Swiftnlift staff

Imprimisrx : Our Vision Is To Deliver Customized And Other Novel Medicines To Physicians And Patients TODAY At Accessible Prices....

By Imprimisrx Swiftnlift staff

HackerOne: Empowering The World To Build A Safer Internet...

By HackerOne Swiftnlift staff

Excelerate Energy L P: We Are The Pioneer And World Leader In Innovative LNG Midstream Solutions....

By Excelerate Energy L P Swiftnlift staff

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MIS3 Inc: Helping clients achieve business transformation through IT modernization....

By MIS3 Inc Swiftnlift staff

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Integrasys: specialized on engineering and manufacturing Satellite Spectrum Monitoring Systems in the telecommunication and broadcasting markets....

By Integrasys Swiftnlift staff

AI Companies In Apac - 2021

Architek - Delivers Performance And Value For Every Ai Need...

By Architek Swiftnlift staff

Icetana Motion Intelligence - Video Analytics Surveillance Solution Designed To Automatically Identify Anomalous Events In Real-Time....

By Icetana Motion Intelligence Swiftnlift staff

Iraya Energies- We Help Our Clients Handle Vast Amounts Of Unstructured Data Using State-Of-Art Machine Learning Technology...

By Iraya Energies Swiftnlift staff

Uniphore - The Future Of Customer Service Is Conversational Service Automation....

By Uniphore Swiftnlift staff

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Aiah - We Transform The Way A Business Grows, Operates And Creates Value Through Automation....

By Aiah Swiftnlift staff

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Waste Labs - Making Waste Collection And Recycling Sustainable Using Data And Ai...

By Waste Labs Swiftnlift staff

Business in 2021

Idology, Inc. Provides Real-Time Technology Solutions

By Idology Swiftnlift staff

The Reflexis Cloud-Based Real-Time Store Operations Platform ...

By Reflexis Swiftnlift staff

Cloudera Delivers The Modern Platform For Machine Learning And Analytics Optimized For The Cloud....

By Cloudera Swiftnlift staff

Ichor Systems - Production And Support In Order To Focus Their Resources On Process And Technology Development. ...

By Ichor Systems Swiftnlift staff

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Openvpn: Connecting Your World

By Openvpn Swiftnlift staff

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Abbvie, A Highly Focused Research-Driven

By Abbvie Swiftnlift staff

Business Women

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